Monday, February 28, 2011

i love the oscars

first thing i have to say is that years ago i was working with my dad in swarthmoore for about over a year on a pretty intense renovation of a house he was shepherding. in the beginning stages i was still in nyc and hanging onto my girl there, taking the early morning train to swarthmoore. in the later stages of the project i had moved back to philly. when the project was finally done the family brought their stuff back in the house and there was a group photo with a stunning girl at the back staring right at the camera and she looked so familiar but i couldn't place it. suddenly i realized it was anne hathaway, her uncle owned the house i had been working on for over a year. attention meg ryan and sandy bullock america's sweetheart is now sweet anne hathaway. wow great dresses, energy, etc. james had great one liners but he was definitely held back by the producers. best speeches were given by randy newman, christian bale, and colin firth. best dressed were anne hathaway, cate blanchett, amy adams, scarlett johanssan, and halle berry. biggest snubs were chris nolan for best original screenplay and annette bening for best actress. worst dressed were gwyenth paltrow and mila kunis.

biggest absences at the oscars this year were the films 'i'm still here', 'mesrine pts 1 and 2', as well the people and phrases that follow: corey haim, godard, joaquin phoenix, casey affleck, joaquin phoenix, kalup linzy, and the oscar goes to leo dicaprio. xo anthony campuzano/tc/bubbles inc.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABBA, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

two fourths of one of the greatest bands ever.

Friday, February 12, 2010


the image is not of the cardinal i saw the other day but this solitary lovebird will have to do. happy valentine's day in advance - a valentine mix from bubbles inc. stay warm, cool, etc but have fun xo this mix has got a bunch of my old favorites all present touching on love.

1. kahimi karie - melt the snow
2. sister vanilla - kissaround
3. the cure - 6 different ways (peel session)
4. mstrkrft w/ john legend - heartbreaker
5. womack & womack - teardrops
6. johnny mathis w/ chic - i love my lady
7. snoop dogg & robyn - sensual seduction (remix)
8. prince & sheena easton - you got the look
9. nina sky w/ big mike - move ya body
10. kleerup w/ robyn - with every heartbeat (remix)
11. hot chip - over and over
12. hilary duff - beat of my heart
13. s club 8 - one step closer
14. the archies - melody hill
15. transvision vamp - i want your love
16. pulp - babies
17. gwen stefani - cool
18. the smiths - rubber ring
19. evan dando - will you still love me tomorrow?
20. nicole kidman & robbie williams - something stupid

download here:

Robbie Williams And Nicole Kidman Somethin' Stupid ( HD )

this is the best though. nicole kidman you are the best. magical.


happy valentine's day in advance xo bubbles inc.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a light inside of me just went out

a light inside of me just went out. i read the catcher in the rye the summer between 7th and 8th grade on a couch two blocks from the beach on long beach island in new jersey. i hated the beach all liked to do then was sleep, read and at night go girl chasing. the catcher in the rye changed my life and i truly would not be the person i am without the work of jd salinger. rest in peace jd salinger from an ardent admirer and someone who was kicked out of two catholic grammar schools in addition to one prep school. truly yours, anthony campuzano

rest in peace jd salinger 1919 -2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

S Club 8 - One Step Closer

i watched the documentary live forever the rise and fall of britpop tonite. it was added to youtube 2 days ago and when i watched it there were only 6 views. it is from 2003 so maybe everyone has already seen it. it is really great. great commentary from noel, jarvis and damon, but britpop apparently comes to an end with robbie williams and pop idol and junior s club. there is a great moment when liam says he doesnt see anything wrong with s club he says they seem like good kids. its really funny. he also says he doesnt care about tony blair. actually all liam says he cared about was doing it he says, which means like getting pissed and being on stage and being ridic famous. it's a good documentary. for the record i dont mind junior s club either when i bought blur, oasis, and pulp records i was also buying spice girl singles.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blake Babies - Temptation Eyes

not only does this song unquestionably rule but the video with juliana in a bikini and evan in his boxers 20 years ago was like some twilight/new moon type level sex appeal.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Right - Still!

the image is of the golden lion won by the philadelphia museum of art for their presentation of bruce nauman 'topological gardens' for the us pavilion at the venice biennale this past summer and fall. now it is winter, i can't wait till spring. the following is my official soundtrack until may 6 when my new show titled, you guessed it All Right - Still! opens at fleisher/ollman gallery in philadelphia.

All Right - Still!
lullabies from the dead of winter 2010 and looking forward to spring
*all bootleg edition compiled in philadelphia via bubbles inc.

1. lonely (amy's theme) - the lovin' spoonful
2. i had a brontosaurus - lena zavaroni
3. dream lover - the paris sisters
4. breakaway - toni basil
5. temptation eyes - blake babies
6. back in your life - noise addict
7. bitter fingers - elton john
8. j'en ai marre - alizee
9. keep it going louder - major lazer
10. touched by the hand of god - new order
11. check my machine - paul mccartney
12. come together - primal scream
13. true confession (live) - the silvertones
14. ven y baila mi son - henry fiol
15. see those eyes (extended version) - altered images
16. we'll be there - rabbie burnsmith and his ticket toots
17. sometimes in vain - the parachute men
18. mercy seat - ultra vivid scene
19. on tape - the pooh sticks

*the fine print: 1. i have a great version of this song on a john sebastian live lp out on cheapo records it is so great he whispers, "this is a song . . . that doesn't have any words" and then just whistles slightly and barely plays the harmonica. it sounds like wind and lonely and is so beautiful, this studio lovin' spoonful version is good but not as good as that one oh and the live one is also only like a minute long, perfect./
2. i got lena zavaronia's debut record from my good friend jack for my birthday this year. when it came out she was ten and it was the early seventies, she also appeared on johnny carson singing 'the end of the world'. johnny quipped about how he was worried about a ten year old singing such a sad song so convincingly, he had reason to worry. lena struggled all her life with anorexia (which eventually killed her) she also grew out of time, a tremendously talented singer who only sang standards. she is oddly a perfect susan boyle, american idol type but she died too soon for a rediscovery via the contemporary talent show. i think 'i had a brontosaurus' is a perfect song. so sad so strange, tender. rip lena./
3. when i was in college my close friends chris and steve worked at the video library in west philly and i got to see the kenneth anger films on the mystic fire videos. my favorites were puce moment and kustom kar kommandos. i recorded the soundtrack to both off the tv with a tape recorder. the paris sisters' 'dream lover' is so perfect for kustom kar kommandos. kenneth anger says everything so simply in this film that is just the length of the song with overdubbed engine revving./
4. toni basil is from philly! yeah she is. this song was written by ed cobb who also wrote tainted love a northern soul classic famously covered by soft cell and well, everyone. he also wrote dirty water, and sometimes good guys dont wear white. he rules and so does toni. this song is really known though from the groundbreaking film by bruce conner it soundtracks. it is played twice in the film once forward and then backwards and toni dances in and out of clothes. i saw it just recently at the international house in philly as part of the ica's dance with camera exhibition programing. it was breathtaking./
5. the grass roots really are one of the greatest bands ever except they are not a real band they are just a front for pf sloan who is one of the greatest pop songwriters ever! no joke look him up he wrote in many ways a soundtrack to live by. he also wrote 'temptation eyes' which linda ronstadt covered with her first band the stone ponys, but the version here is my favorite. blake babies were famously named by allen ginsberg and fronted by the adorable juliana hatfield. the video has her in a bikini and evan dando in his boxers. trust me 20 years ago that was some twilight/new moon etc level sex appeal going on. also the song just sounds so so great./
6. this is a jonathan richman and the modern lovers cover by the pre-teen aged ben lee. when i started art school, i got on famously with a riot girl because i truly truly loved noise addict, i still do./
7. when i was in la this past fall i spent a few days at my good friend justin's house with my broken leg, some drawings to work on and just a handful of records to listen. one was elton john and i listened to this song 'bitter fingers' about 25 times in a row at one point. it is such a great song. it has a great build, killer hook and a great message. it is helping me i tell you. it is hard to write a song with bitter fingers, it is hard to draw that way also so yeah let's all just take it easy and love one another./
8. this is my favorite song! i am serious this song is the best. alizee is so . . . i can't even begin i am a schoolgirl about her. the song translates to english 'i'm fed up' and has lyrics about being fed up and taking a bath and a goldfish? it doesn't matter what she is saying i sing along to it and i dance along, i do./
9. i first heard nina sky when i was urban camping in my studio in bushwick years ago. i was in a bad spot, went to questionable places late late at night, and i fell for nina sky. diplo who is from philly made this song. this past fall i went with jayson musson to this dub step thing at diplo's mad decent mausoleum and the kids were there. desperate, dangerous, happy, high, it was frightening yet familiar./
10. i hope kathryn bigelow wins the oscar for best director. one because the hurt locker is a powerful, important movie. two so her ass of an ex husband james cameron doesn't win. three because she went to the whitney independent study program and also managed to make a good movie (point break) starring patrick swayze, keanu reeves, gary busey, and lori petty - that had to be tough! four and most importantly in my book, because she may have directed the best new order video ever, the one for this song. go check it out it is great./
11. when philadelphia guitar wizard jack rose tragically passed away in december friends of his in england dedicated a radio broadcast to him. i listened online and they played some of his music and music by those he loved (and who loved him). at the end they played this which i thought odd given i had my battles with jack over pop music and would think he wouldn't stand for paul mccartney. this is a truly far out track though, reportedly paul is literally checking some type of audio equipment and turns it into a song. he is truly the master popsmith. anyhow apparently someone played this for jack and he had never heard it before and was suitably surprised that he liked a paul mccartney song. then his friends played a prank where they arranged to have someone later in the tour play the song over the pa before he came out and pretend it happened naturally like wow hearing this obscure actually decent paul mccartney song twice in one week?!/
12. recently my friend bones got married in nyc and the wedding was so much fun we all danced and smiled and laughed, people from all over. near the end i asked the dj to play this song, to get some glasgow, some madchester in the air and a father from great britain held his son who was wearing a kilt up to the speakers to listen, really listen. it made my night./
13. i will listen to any silvertones songs anytime, anywhere - they never disappoint. they are about love and free time and joy. they are the best./
14. another short i saw as part of the ica's dance with camera programming was charles atlas' from an island summer. the first part has this music and is set in coney island. there is dancing by karole armitage and others. you cannot take your eyes off of karole armitage, trust me. just her shucking her shoulders up in the swings will melt your heart and yeah coney island is the greatest place on earth. i miss the nathan's and the mangoes on the sticks and the afternoons with my girl there./
15. everyone wants to be altered images nowadays. sanitgold, ke$ha etc all the girls do, but they're not quite altered enough. i love this extended version.
16. this is the music from the other part of from an island summer that goes from the subway to a dance to studio to times square at nite. really great. the reprise of henry fiol at the end is from the credits./
17. when i was in eight grade andy bisconti lent me an nme comp with this song on it. i taped it and played it for years and years. when ever i hear it i am right back at summerstage. acting in children's theater, rehearsing with my director the now famous tina fey, making out with girls on the couch, playing cards outside, walking down the creek behind the theater . . ./
18. this song is so good. so good. kurt ralske is so underrated. i wish he still made music. further proof boston had a better scene than dc./
19. perfect song to end with, the criminally unknown pooh sticks. i copied this song from a youtube clip of a tape playing this song, yeah, really. 'i got it on taaappe!!'
here's to getting thru the winter, i had a thrill recently that i am gonna carry with me until spring. at the recent ica receptions i was tapped on the shoulder and turned around to find karen kilimnik stopping by to say hi to me! (swoon) true story too just ask constance she was there. xo anthony campuzano/tc/bubbles inc.

download here: